Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's more questionable?

Which human behaviours do you find most peculiar and prevalent? My answer would be - our complaining about the works of and questioning ethics of other people.

I wonder why we can't as easily appreciate works of others as we expect ours to be appreciated. We don't even remember who taught us the art of complaining, do we? It's as if we were born with more than what we need to master this art. Likewise, when it comes to questioning others' ethics, we don't stand an inch behind. Even better we are at brushing off the shame we bring to ourselves in the name of criticism.

Criticism is perhaps the most misapprehended word of all. Why is it that negativity echoes first when we use this word? Could it be that negativity lies somewhere inside us - in our conscious or the sub-conscious selves?

Today we're observing a historic event in my motherland, Nepal. It's the Constituent Assembly (CA) Election today. We, the citizens, are supposed to elect the members of the CA, which will write a new constitution for the nation. We have complained for nearly two decades since the people's movement resulting in multi-party democracy in 1990. Several governments formed and dissolved and we kept complaining all the time. Eventually we began losing interest in politics and paying attention only to the means of our own survival. We (especially the people living in the capital) became so indifferent to what was going on in the mainstream politics or in the rebellious movements or in our very neighbourhood.

Today, I think is definitely not the day for us to just complain about the past and do nothing but exhibit our indifference and inaction. Today's the day when for once we stop complaining and act. I wish my fellow countrymen felt the same way and got this message.

Let's ask ourselves, "Is complaining all we can do?" Let's question our own morals first. Let's realise our voting right. Let's use it. Let's act! Together we can make a difference.

I'm taking all the registered voters in my family to the polling booth today including my grandpa (81) and grandma (78).

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