Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beware of WiniBlueSoft

Imagine a scenario: You're doing your normal activities at home, and comfortably. Suddenly you hear a siren at your gate and when you open it, you see a police officer leading an armed squad. He seems to be at full alert and tells you that you and your house is at a high risk and they're there to protect you against any potential threats. While you're not even able to evaluate the whole situation, they rush inside your house and take positions. Then suddenly, the leader announces that you and your house are in their control and they start a pre-planned robbery.

Too filmy? Okay, in someway you're right. But you too wouldn't say that it's not totally impossible, would you? At such times, it's natural for you to hate your own being tricked by the fake policemen more than anything else.

Well, that was a ficitious scenario with some rogue cops. But your worry doesn't end here. Just tell me one thing - how many a time have you been fooled by a rogue software? If your answer is 'never', then I'd have to say that you're too ignorant to have noticed. To stimulate a better recollection, let me give you a simple clue. Haven't you ever seen an alert (usually a pop-up dialog box) out of the blue stating that your system is at risk and needs to be fixed immediately? My guess is, you have even clicked on the button that's supposed to fix the problem automatically by some sophisticated anti-virus or security related software, unless you're a geek.

So, my point is, an average computer user can easily fall for such fake alerts and give a generous welcome to some malicious software that stealthily takes control of or exploits one or more areas of your system. In my experience, it's better to watch out for what's real and what's fake rather than to panic after you realise that you're already under attack. To do so, you need to be able to tell the bad cops from the good ones.

I just came to know about a recently discovered rogue anti-spyware software named "WiniBlueSoft", being promoted as being promoted as “Your Best Spyware Protection”, while the truth is that it itself is loaded with several malware. Next time you see a window as shown below, keep in mind that it's a devil in disguise and open no doors for it.

Screenshot of the WiniBlueSoft rogue anti-spyware software

You can find more details on this particular case from the following links:

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