Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Relocation of Thoughtcasts -- Thanks to Brad

Thanks to Brad, I've finally managed to secure this address for blog. At the time I registered this blog first with its old address, I had no idea that one day I would be able to get my desired address, identical with the title of my blog. Why? It was already taken by Brad.

Three days ago, I was (re)activating and updating my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I realized that Thoughtcasts was still available for registration and both of those providers allowed a simple way to adopt that username. After updating both accounts, I checked once again to see if the same was available on Blog*Spot again. It was not.

Then I wanted to see the then Brad's blog. I noticed that he hadn't updated it for over a year. Suddenly I had an idea. I sent him an email requesting him to release that address so that I could use it.

How do you approach someone you do not know, and ask them to transfer the ownership of something (you deperately want) owned by them? Well, I could think of nothing else but honesty as my only way to reach Brad. I wrote to him, explaining that I was on my way to establishing an unified brand for my social networks, and requested him to help me in the process.

To my relief (and surprise), he replied positively and immediately changed the address of his exisiting blog. Till that moment, I had no idea that Blog*Spot would prevent me from capturing this address. I then digged into the corresponding support forum and posted my question there. Within minutes, I received and excellent reply from a top contributor.

Brad then helped me along each and every step, and tonight he made it possible for me to have what I wanted, so selflessly and painlessly that I cannot express in words.

Thank you, Brad! I will never forget your contribution. I'll try my best to keep this blog alive for as long as possible.

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