Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The lucky girl who defied death

This evening, I and an uncle of mine were sitting just outside of Bir Hospital where my grandpa has been undergoing a close medical observation following a serious stroke last week. It was a quarter to seven and we were having a chat about the fuel crisis in effect. Suddenly, we spotted a small girl who fell down while trying to cross the road in a hurry.

A red taxi carrying a patient was parked just in front of the main entrance to the hospital's emergency center. It was exactly when the girl took stepped down from the footpath to cross the road that the patient's relatives happened to open the door, and the door hit the little girl, making her lose her balance. To everyone's terror, another taxi (a white one) appeared on the scene, out of nowhere! Niether the girl was aware of that taxi, nor the driver got any chance to notice the girl who was still lying down, for the red taxi was blocking his view of that side of the road. The next thing I remember is the taxi driving over that girl!

We instinctively got up on our feet and rushed to stop the taxi. Several other people who were nearby and had witnessed that event rushed to the scene and together, we lifted the car by its front cowl. Someone then quickly rescued the trapped girl and ran into the ER of the hospital. Others called the traffic police and some even tried to give the dumbfounded driver a firsthand beating. We and a few others prevented them from doing so, and told everyone that it wasn't his fault at all.

We then went inside the ER and saw the girl being examined by a doctor. The girl seemed fine, there weren't any visible wounds or swellings on her body and she was breathing normally. All that was visible was a small bruise on her left knee. Later, she would be x-rayed and handed over to her family (running a small tea-shop just across the road).

I don't know if I'll ever be able to express or explain what I saw then and there. How she survived what could otherwise have been an unthinkable casualty is a total mystery to me. I hope she's already fast asleep at home by this time, and the driver too is feeling a great relief.

At about ten, we returned home, leaving another uncle and a cousin to stay with and take care of my grandpa tonight.

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