Monday, May 04, 2009

A note of gratitude

Over the past few weeks, I remained busy spreading the word about our newly launched portals, and The overall feedback was positive, if not overwhelming. Personally, I think that we're suffering from the lack of interest from our own people. The initial statistics on the traffic we're getting show that only a small part of it is generated by domestic visitors. Had it been for me, I would not have lagged behind in promoting works of others, priority definitely going to those of our countrymen. What about you? Don't you think your small contribution today can change the way tourism is done in our country? If you think it can, I hope you will pass the word around and let your friends and colleagues know about our 'Caring for Destination' initiative and other activities related to responsible tourism in collaboration with network.

I remain thankful to the following publishers who took their time to hear us and brought our efforts to the public through their media.

Gorkhapatra/The Rising Nepal
The Himalayan Times
eTravel Board
Nepali Times
People's Review
Yahoo! Buzz (Howang Nhu)
Mixx (Howang Nhu)

I also wish to thank all those who are not in the list above but who did care to indicate their support in their own ways, and not to miss, all of our link partners.

If you care too, don't wait to let it out. Tools are plenty, just take your pick - email, buzz, chat, blog, Twitter, SMS, MMS and so on.

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