Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planning a trip to Pokhara with my kids

My last trip to Pokhara was one of my wildest escapades, a 200 km journey on bike starting off at 5:00 PM from Kathmandu. It was the 3rd of January, 2008. I wasn't riding alone; had my colleague too. Both of us had our bags loaded with clothes and stuffs and were so heavy that it we could barely enjoy the ride. As a matter of fact, I had to discard some of my belongings and hand them over to an acquaintaince soon after exiting the valley. Due to poor visibility and several stopovers for my complaining partner, it was half past eleven at night when we reached hotel in Pokhara.

For some things, once is enough, I thought at that time. I had to ride alone all the way back home because my partner got a complimentary return flight ticket. Not counting the one and half an hour of recess I took at a point almost halfway, I arrived home in just four hours. I had left from Pokhara at 3:00 PM. I promised myself that day that I would think several times before riding such long distances on a bike in future. 200 kms in 4 hrs may sound easy enough to you unless you are familiar with the hilly terrains of Nepal.

That story is now more than 4 months old. If you're curious to know what's new, then I'm scheduled to report to the bus-stop tomorrow at 6:30 AM. Same destination. Alone? No, this time I'm taking my three dearest kids. They're the youngest three amongst my cousins. So, is it a family vacation? Not entirely, as I've got some official works to take care of. My plan's plain and simple. I'll take them for a whole day sightseeing on Saturday. I'll be visiting some of the hotels we're dealing with in the next two days. I expect my kids to go with me to all those places and to spend some time in the gardens while I finish my business indoors with the managers. They'll comply, I hope, because they're aged between eleven and fourteen years.

Have we packed up? The kids have and are already dreaming. I'll try to finish mine after publishing this very post and tucking this very computer into my bag. I had a very restless and tiring day today and now am a bit worried that I may not be able to get enough rest. To make it on time to the bus-stop, we'll have to get up at five and freshen up and dress up and make some last mintue rechecks and leave by 6:15 AM.

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